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VFC Announces "Free-to-Play" Program for High School Age Groups

The mission of Valeo FC is to provide opportunities to young student athletes regardless of socio-economic status and geography. VFC has over 800 club and academy players from across the Metro Boston area, more than 55% of whom receive some level of financial aid. In addition to our training facility in Newton, we currently operate satellite training sites in Dorchester, East Boston and Somerville. Our goal is to develop competitive athletes, outstanding citizens and strong leaders. The driving idea is to raise the quality of soccer in the city through increased playing opportunities for kids, and improved coaching with an emphasis on player development.

In addition to our commitment to serving economically disadvantaged youth, VFC has an exciting new initiative for the 2015-16 seasons. Rather than paying club fees and costs, players can volunteer at a charitable organization or volunteer as a junior coach at Valeo. The expectation is that players will accumulate 150 hours of community service for the year. VFC was built off of the generosity of others, and this program is designed to foster social awareness, community service, and leadership skills in our High School players. At VFC we encourage our players to be leaders both on and off the field. Many of our High School players have spent a number of years at the club and this program is a way to give back to the club and their communities, as well provide leadership opportunities as they get ready for college.

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