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High level athletics can be an expensive proposition, and soccer is no exception. Expensive club fees, travel, and equipment effectively exclude many kids from participating.

We facilitate this by:

  • Lowering costs for club, travel, and equipment

  • Offering a range of camps and clinics with increased accessibility

  • Cooperating and building relationships with Youth Soccer Associations in economically disadvantaged areas.


Valeo FC is based in Newton, Massachusetts, USA and provides the opportunity for young student-athletes to train at the highest level, be exposed to the best coaching, and maximize their talents regardless of geography and income. As part of our committment to maximizing opportunities for kids in Massachusetts we operate training facilities in Newton, Dorchester, Somerville, East Boston, Stoughton, and Concord.

In addition to our work in the United States we have established a Training Academy in Jamaica. 2015 Valeo FC partnered with Montego Bay United, a professional club team based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 


Academic excellence is of utmost importance in developing leaders and well-rounded individuals. As part of our investment in and commitment to our players, VFC incorporates several programs that are designed to support our players in the classroom.  The program includes:

  • After-school Homework Club

  • Minimum requirement of a 2.5 GPA in order to play

  • Tutors and mentors who support both the soccer and academic aspects of the players

  • Grade checks, assignment grading, review of work, etc.

  • High School Preparation Programs for middle school aged players

  • College Preparation, Planning and Placement programs that get our players in the college of their choice and prepare them for success on and off the field

Civic Responsibility

At Valeo we look to encourage our players to be leaders on and off the field.  As part of this leadership initiative the club fosters a culture of social awareness, volunteering and giving back.

These community leadership initiatives include:

  • Incorporating a Volunteer program for individual players and full teams

  • Presenting ideas of social awareness and encouraging players to be conscious of their surroundings

  • Listening, understanding, and being open to perspectives of others 

  • Respect as it pertains to everyone and everything around them



Good health is a requirement for academic and athletic excellence.  At VFC we understand the importance of nutrition, injury prevention, and properly handling of injuries. Nutrition, health and wellness awareness are important features of our player and community development programs.


Our Health and Wellness programs include:

  • ACL Injury Prevention Seminar conducted by Marathon Physical Therapy

  • Diet & Nutrition Seminar

  • Sports Psychology Seminar on "The Mindful Athlete" by George Mumford

  • Speed and Strength Program 

  • Concussion Prevention

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