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Valeo FC Hosts Free Indoor Futsal League

Valeo Futbol Club is pleased to announce the launch of a free indoor soccer league

for kids in Dorchester, MA. This league was made possible by a new partnership between Valeo

and the the Boston Centers for Youth and Families Grove Hall Community Center. The league,

which kicks off in December, will serve both boys and girls, and will have multiple divisions for

kids age 6-19

At Valeo our mission is to provide year-round leagues and clinics at free, or reduced costs so as

to increase opportunities in youth sports participation regardless of socioeconomic status and

geography. Throughout the warm months there is ample park space to play soccer outdoors.

During the colder months finding a space to play indoors can be difficult as most gyms are

dominated by basketball. Transportation and money limit many kids from joining organized

clubs with access to facilities during the winter. This winter at the BCYF Grove Hall Community

Center, kids can find free, structured fun playing soccer without having to leave their


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