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Valeo Futbol Club Development Academy Program Free to Play

Valeo FC is proud to announce a new "Play for Free" program for present and future families involved in the Valeo FC U.S. Soccer Development Academy Program. "Play for Free" will give players the option of volunteering at charitable organizations or coaching their younger club mates in lieu of paying club fees.

The program, created in the belief that great players are made not from financial resources but from hard work and dedication, will begin with the 2016-2017 U.S. Soccer Development Academy season. Players will work with Valeo FC Director Emelio Williams to find a volunteer or coaching opportunity that is the best fit for their personal strengths.

"Valeo Futbol was built off the generosity of others," Williams says. "This program eases the financial burdens for our families and reflects our focus on giving back to the community and providing opportunities for our players to become leaders."

Valeo FC encourages its players to be leaders on and off the field. As part of this leadership initiative, the club fosters a culture of social awareness, volunteering and giving back. The Development Academy players will pay it forward, volunteering and engaging in charitable and social activities in and around the surrounding community

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